Airbnb Share Price

Share Price
$ 146.79 (+0.01%)
52 Week High
$ 170.10
52 Week Low
$ 113.24
All Time High
$ 219.94
Last Updated
18 July 2024

Airbnb is an American online platform for lodging headquartered in San Francisco, California. The website comprises of listings of various homestays and vacation rentals.

During the middle of the 2008 financial crisis, an era where vacation was a luxury and accommodation was a hassle to find, three college graduates, Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia creatively hustled to earn some bucks to pay for their rent.

Today, this very idea has gone on to become a multi-billion dollar business.

The company was initially called AirBed & Breakfast Inc., but in 2010, it went on to become, what we know today as РAirbnb. 

If the company was founded during the financial crisis, Airbnb went public during the peak of the Covid wave in December 2020. This was at a time when noone was travelling and the travel industry as a whole was on the verge of a complete collapse.

The Airbnb IPO price was set at $68 per share. When the shares started trading on Nasdaq on December 10, 2020, they opened at $146 per share. A mind-boggling 115% gain over the IPO price.

Some interesting facts and figures of Airbnb:

  • In the first year of operations (2018), only 400 bookings were made in the entire year. Today, around 6 guests make bookings every second of the day.
  • Airbnb has a presence in 98% of all countries – excluding Sudan, Iran, Syria and North Korea.
  • There are 7 million active listings on Airbnb today.
  • 55% of Airbnb hosts are women.
  • 56% of Airbnb bookings are long-term stays.
  • There are more Airbnb listings than hotels and resorts around the world!

Airbnb Share Price History

Year Share Price Gain / Loss
IPO $ 68.00
Listing $ 146.00 + 114.7%
2020 $ 146.80 + 0.5%
2021 $ 166.49 + 13.4%
2022 $ 85.50 - 48.6%
2023 $ 136.66 + 59.8%
2024 $ 146.79 + 7.4%

Airbnb Share Price Chart

Airbnb Share Price Click here for high resolution Airbnb Share Price chart

Airbnb Calculator

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  • During 2020, the share price of Airbnb was $ 68.
  • If you had bought shares worth $ 2500 in 2020, you would have 368 shares today.
  • At the end of 2024, the current value of your shares would be $ 53967.

Airbnb Share Returns

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