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18 July 2024

In the intricate world of telecommunications infrastructure in India, the story of Indus Towers unfolds – a narrative of connectivity, technological prowess and collaborative success. 

Picture this: 2007, a pivotal moment when Bharti Infratel, Vodafone Essar, and Idea Cellular joined forces to create Indus Towers, a company dedicated to revolutionising the telecom landscape.

The early years were marked by a vision to bridge communication gaps across the vast Indian terrain.

As the telecom industry continued to grow, so did Indus Towers. 

The company proceeded to add to its portfolio. Indus Tower added items such as:

  • Smart poles 
  • Green sites

These were necessary additions because they helped the company to align with the changing needs of the new digital age.

In 2019, Bharti Infratel and Indus Tower announced that they were going to merge. 

This was a landmark moment in the telecommunications industry. It was also a strategic move that aimed to create an even more formidable player in the telecom infrastructure space.

Due to this merger and the intricacies that came with it, Indus Towers went through an intense transformative phase.

Fortunately, they had a good leader in Bimal Dayal who steered them successfully through it.

Consequently, the merger caused a significant shift in the company’s structure.

Challenges were not absent from the narrative. The need to deploy 4G and 5G networks presented a significant challenge for the company. 

Indus Towers was able to overcome this challenge by making use of their technological talents.

Today, Indus Towers is the largest telecom tower company.

Indus Towers Share Price History

Year Share Price Gain / Loss
2012 ₹ 179.30
2013 ₹ 156.20 - 12.9%
2014 ₹ 313.05 + 100.4%
2015 ₹ 398.30 + 27.2%
2016 ₹ 319.50 - 19.8%
2017 ₹ 351.20 + 9.9%
2018 ₹ 241.40 - 31.3%
2019 ₹ 234.80 - 2.7%
2020 ₹ 213.60 - 9.0%
2021 ₹ 248.10 + 16.2%
2022 ₹ 190.30 - 23.3%
2023 ₹ 198.00 + 4.0%
2024 ₹ 406.50 + 105.3%

Indus Towers Share Price Chart

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  • During 2012, the share price of Indus Towers was ₹ 179.3.
  • If you had bought shares worth ₹ 2500 in 2012, you would have 139 shares today.
  • At the end of 2024, the current value of your shares would be ₹ 56679.

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