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18 July 2024

Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) is a bridge between two parties – the Indian Railways and investors. The railways needs money to buy new trains, build new tracks and maintain the railway network.

The budget allocated by the government does not cover the cost of this. Enter IRFC, which raises funds by issuing bonds and other financial instruments to investors.

The investors get a fixed rate of interest, while the IRFC uses the borrowed money to lease new trains, tracks, and equipment to the Indian Railways.

The Indian Railways then pays IRFC monthly lease rentals for using the equipment. This, in simple words, is how IRFC earns its income.

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of IRFC was held in the year 2021. The price was fixed at ₹ 26 per share. The listing was flat as IRFC closed its first trading day at a share price of ₹ 24.80.

Post the listing, IRFC was stagnant for around 2 years with shares trading below the IPO price.

Things changed towards the end of the year 2022, when IRFC gave a breakout – gaining nearly 45% in the month of November 2022.

IRFC was one of the best performing stocks in the second half of 2023 with the share price gaining more than 200% in less than 6 months. Those who stayed invested through the ‘boring’ phase of 2021 – 2022, were rewarded in the following year – proving once again that good investments can be quite boring and a test for an investors patience.

IRFC Share Price History

Year Share Price Gain / Loss
IPO ₹ 26.00
Listing ₹ 24.80 - 4.6%
2021 ₹ 22.80 - 8.1%
2022 ₹ 32.55 + 42.8%
2023 ₹ 99.35 + 205.2%
2024 ₹ 212.34 + 113.7%

IRFC Share Price Chart

Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price Click here for high resolution Indian Railway Finance Corporation Share Price chart

IRFC Calculator

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  • During 2021, the share price of Indian Railway Finance Corporation was ₹ 26.
  • If you had bought shares worth ₹ 2500 in 2021, you would have 962 shares today.
  • At the end of 2024, the current value of your shares would be ₹ 204173.

IRFC Share Returns

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