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18 July 2024

Muthoot Finance, India’s largest gold loan NBFC, was founded in the year 1997. It was later turned into a Public Limited Company in 2008.

The remarkable growth of Muthoot Finance can be attributed to the larger Muthoot family who come together under the brand name “The Muthoot Group”

Together, they have steered the company and its exponential growth over a period of over 70 years since the founding father M. George Muthoot started a gold loan business in 1939.

He did so under the profound heritage of a trading business that was earlier established by his father Ninan Mathai Muthoot in 1887.

As part of its core business, Muthoot Finance provides business loans that are secured by gold jewellery. This caters to the people who have gold but cannot access bank loans or those who cannot get access to loans in quick time.

Trust plays a major role in the business as people secure their family jewellery, which usually has some level of emotions attached.

The company lives up to the words of George Muthoot, who once said “Let us cherish and nurture trust and ensure that every person who deals with us deals with the confidence that he will not be misguided but his interests will be carefully protected”

In 2006, Alexander George Muthoot joined the company and later became the Deputy Managing Director of The Muthoot Group.

Alexander has been pivotal in driving the expansion of the business from 37 branches to 4400 branches today.

In the future, his primary objective is to make gold loans a preferred and acceptable choice for credit. He hopes that this can be made available to every individual and every household in the country and outside.

In order to achieve this, Alexander is pushing for widespread branch expansion across India. The company already has a presence in USA, UK, UAE, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka and Nepal and further expansion is expected.

Muthoot Finance was listed on the stock exchanges, BSE and NSE, in the year 2011. Since then, the stock has given good returns to its shareholders.

Muthoot Finance Share Price History

Year Share Price Gain / Loss
IPO ₹ 175.00
Listing ₹ 176.00 + 0.6%
2011 ₹ 161.85 - 8.0%
2012 ₹ 208.55 + 28.9%
2013 ₹ 107.95 - 48.2%
2014 ₹ 192.25 + 78.1%
2015 ₹ 179.55 - 6.6%
2016 ₹ 282.55 + 57.4%
2017 ₹ 474.40 + 67.9%
2018 ₹ 516.60 + 8.9%
2019 ₹ 761.35 + 47.4%
2020 ₹ 1,210.30 + 59.0%
2021 ₹ 1,494.50 + 23.5%
2022 ₹ 1,063.45 - 28.8%
2023 ₹ 1,470.00 + 38.2%
2024 ₹ 1,834.45 + 24.8%

Muthoot Finance Share Price Chart

Muthoot Finance  Share Price Click here for high resolution Muthoot Finance Share Price chart

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  • During 2011, the share price of Muthoot Finance was ₹ 175.
  • If you had bought shares worth ₹ 2500 in 2011, you would have 143 shares today.
  • At the end of 2024, the current value of your shares would be ₹ 262064.

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