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1,598.40 (-1.81%)
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18 July 2024

A chilled cold drink can be a thirst quencher with a parched thirst on a hot/tiring day. Here’s where Varun Beverages hits the sweet spot. Varun Beverages, the second largest beverage manufacturer produces the ever-famous carbonated drink – Pepsi and its other flavors. 

They sell a wide range of Carbonated Soft drinks and Non-Carbonated Drinks under the trademark owned by PepsiCo. There aren’t many recognizable and trusted peers but every now and then Coca-Cola has always given them a tough pill to swallow.  

Varun Beverages was incorporated in 1995 as a subsidiary of RJ Corp, and named after founder Ravi Jaipuria’s son. 

Whilst PepisCo’s success on carbonated drinks, VBL partnered with Tropicana to distribute fruit-based juices and Lipton for Iced tea. 

The constant change in the demographics of customer preferences and thorough competition brings about great challenges in the FMCG sector. Varun Beverages has stood up and about to these making it a great manufacturer. 

VBL has won PepsiCo’s Bottler of the Year many times in two and a half decades of its existence.

VBL announced its IPO in 2016. Currently, it is listed on both the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. 

With the potential growth in volumes, great and advanced technologies for production, and a great widespread network with convincing market penetration, can VBL bring a great turnaround to your portfolio? Time is the ultimate judge.

Ravi Jaipuria (Founder & Chairman), when asked about the forecast for VBL, said “We have great 9 months going forward. As you see markets opening up along with Diwali and the holiday season coming up, 4th quarter is looking promising. All are new products, especially our energy drinks are flying off the shelves. We foresee robust growth in the beverage industry”

As Jaipuria rightly said, Sting is one more drink that has been a hit for VBL contributing a great factor to the revenue growth, will it be the next big thing for the coming decade? Time will tell.

Varun Beverages Share Price History

Year Share Price Gain / Loss
IPO ₹ 65.93
Listing ₹ 68.07 + 3.2%
2016 ₹ 56.50 - 17.0%
2017 ₹ 96.50 + 70.8%
2018 ₹ 116.61 + 20.8%
2019 ₹ 157.32 + 34.9%
2020 ₹ 203.43 + 29.3%
2021 ₹ 295.52 + 45.3%
2022 ₹ 661.25 + 123.8%
2023 ₹ 1,237.00 + 87.1%
2024 ₹ 1,598.40 + 29.2%

Varun Beverages Share Price Chart

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